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4TEC Integration | LogoThe name 4TEC is derived from our company motto "Always on the forefront of technology.” We at 4TEC Integration have focused on delivering the finest designs and installations in the integration market for over 25 years. Originating in the medical imaging field, we began with creating “Online Images,” a complete hardware and software solution for the delivery of high speed radiology images across devices. Since then, we have grown and taken our expertise from the medical field into the integrated solutions industry.


We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering custom integration capabilities. When our team designs a system, a group of engineers and in-field technology experts work together to design a state of the art facility that will utilize multiple devices on one platform. All of our system designs are easily implemented as stand-alone solutions. Often times poor system integration can lead to communication barriers as well as interface mismatch. This can result in added costs, subpar performance, and an unfriendly user experience. We understand how the performance of one’s technology can directly affect the quality and effectiveness of one’s work. This understanding leads us to provide a smooth, seamless solution designed specifically for your business.


Here at 4TEC, we employ experienced and educated engineers to provide you with a higher level of interface and signal flow control between your platforms and technologies. We provide proprietary training for our staff to ensure that they deliver the best service possible. This in-house training prevents a gap between manufacturer systems and the real world of integration. When systems are mission critical to your business, a proven long-term company like 4TEC is your best partner.


Our personnel at 4TEC provide the key to a successful project by using measurable and credible design criteria. Each design is based on established industry standards and practices for display, AV, and control systems. With effective project management techniques and an emphasis on regular, precise communication we have created a unique formula that can provide your company with a steadfast integrated system solution.


Each project involves close coordination with architectural and electrical engineers and are analyzed to meet established industry standards. The GUI is a critical area of interest to your project as this is the user interface that can be custom designed to provide navigable functions as well as provide a personal, stylistic touch. Because of this, our designers will work closely with you to create the perfect interface and appearance.


We work with each client to suggest various options to meet overall budgets and expectations. We have found that the more input gathered, the less chance there is for miscommunication. Therefore, all solutions are derived from the input gathered through key discussions with you, your personnel, and our experienced staff. We require ongoing consulting throughout your project in order to deliver results beyond expectations.









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