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Our mission at 4TEC is to deliver reliable integrated technology

with foresight into the needs of tomorrow


Our staff at 4TEC has the experience and passion to provide you with integrated system solutions that will surpass your competition. We are determined to provide your business with the best solution and value to save in lifetime costs of maintenance and operation labor. Our integration projects eliminate gaps between all automation capable systems such as HVAC, audio, video, and networking. We have delivered a variety of complex solutions with easy user interfaces that have far exceeded the expectations of many business owners and their design teams.


The majority of 4TEC clients consist of commercial, industrial, medical, and government entities. When planning new facilities, it is most important to establish a building infrastructure that will allow for the eventual installation of all technologies that may need to evolve with the growth of a business. Our teams at 4TEC strive to complete systems that will enable a business to upgrade and expand off of the system we implement to cut future cost and complications.


Our staff reviews all system options with our clients using examples to illustrate applications that are relevant to their unique needs. We strive to provide a variety of options which can range from simple functionality to full automation, all of which adhere to architectural, electrical, and mechanical standards.


We have committed our teams and resources to provide a better business solution for those who require a complete integrated solution. Preplanned objectives allow our team to accelerate the design and installation process. Being long time partners with distributors located all over the US, we are able to help your business meet any deadline. The complete staff here at 4TEC encourages you to let us take your integrated systems to the next level.




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