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upgrade your conference technology with telepresence


Virtual reality is a fast growing field. Many industries are adapting to incorporate this increasingly popular concept and are transforming it to meet industry needs. This idea requires users to be provided with stimuli that give the illusion of being in another place. One of the most common applications of telepresence that we at 4TEC integrate, is videotelephony, which is essentially an advanced form of videoconferencing.


In these conferences, each participant of a meeting uses a telepresence room to phone in and see/talk to other meeting members on a screen designed specifically to make video display and reality appear to merge together. It is superior to phone conferencing as the visual aspect enhances communication, allowing for the interpretation of body language.


Some of the benefits that can be gained through telepresence systems include: a drastic reduction of travel expense and risk, minimizing carbon footprints, and improving an employee’s work/life balance. Telepresence systems are consistent, reliable, and allow for a more personal communication between you and your client. Improve your productivity and time management by implementing our telepresence solutions.





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